My name is Arlene Rattai, I studied colour and design in college.

I owned my own design and window covering business for 35 years. When I thought about retiring, I decided that I was in need another creative outlet.  I began to study porcelain painting under Elenor Wiebe and have been painting since 1995. I have since then, also studied watercolours and oils.

When I finally retired from Business, I began designing jewellery. I found that once a designer, always a designer. I was very handy with the required tools, as the drapery and window covering business required me to use similar tools often.  I taught myself to manufacture the jewellery that I design.

The pieces that require the use of silver and gold, I studied under Rita Rake in Arizona.

I design one of a kind pieces. No two pieces are the same, even if I use the same Medium.  I use mostly gemstones, freshwater pearls and wire.  I handcraft my own wire wraps and wire pieces. I also do some wire wrapping in silver and gold. Some of my chains are handcrafted piece by piece, and others are designed using different shapes and sizes.

I use a wide range of mediums when I design. Each piece is unique and I love creating and designing.