My motto is: Design with a Purpose.

My purpose is to raise money to provide fresh water to as many villages in Africa as possible.  We, in North America think nothing of opening a bottle, or turning the tap when we are thirsty.  Very rarely do any of us get sick from drinking contaminated water. Not so in Africa. Nearly every stream, lake or water hole is full of parasites or is contaminated in some way.

By selling my art and jewellery, I am able to make a difference in the world, one well at a time. So can you by helping me to raise money and enjoy what I have designed and painted.

In the picture are many happy people. The village is Nalalau, Zambia, Africa.  The first well that I had drilled serves 700 families. It was drilled July 11, 2011. With the Villages of Hope Missions Well Driller.

The Life expectancy before the well was drilled was 26 years, one in five babies lived to the age of five. All that changed once the well was drilled, now the villagers have fresh, clean water to drink.

New hope lives within the hearts of the mothers and children.  Mothers are able to set up businesses and children are able to go to school.  No longer do they have to make the many miles walk to get water.

Let’s make a difference together!